Residential Pressure Washing Services We offer slow pressure soft washing and high pressure surface cleaning services to homes throughout Stark County, OH.

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The best in the business is the best for your residence.

We use a variety of low and high pressure cleaning techniques to professionally clean various surfaces on the exterior of your property.

From soft wash building washing to heavy equipment washing, we handle it all. We also clean pavers, stone, concrete, asphalt, and a varitey of other surfaces. We take pride in our ability to wash away dirt, grime, gum, graffiti, rust, and more.

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Soft Wash House & Roof Washing

Trice Power Washing & Cleaning offers affordable low-pressure soft-wash roof and siding cleaning services to homes and businesses in Navarre, OH and the surrounding areas.

Roof and siding maintenance is extremely important in the harsh local climate. Over time, algae and dirt can begin to degrade exterior surface materials. If these contaminants are not cleaned and removed from the roof, they may lead to an extremely dirty roof and costly repairs; even roof replacement.

Trice Power Washing & Cleaning offers professional roof cleaning services and we use safe yet effective products to clean your roof, siding, and gutters. Our specialty solutions reach deep into the surface to safely break down and rinse away mold, mildew, and other damaging material. Our low-pressure chemical soft washing application process is extremely safe for any roof, siding material, and the environment. Not only are you protecting the service life of your roofing system, but also maintaining and promoting a clean property.

Soft Wash House & Roof Washing

Driveway & Concrete Cleaning

Pressure washing is an extremely affordable and efficient way to maintain the exterior of homes and businesses throughout the Navarre, OH area. Trice Power Washing & Cleaning offers a variety of pressure washing services intended to remove grime, oil, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, and other foreign materials from surfaces all around your property. We use the proper techniques and ecologically friendly cleaning solutions to restore almost any surface. By scheduling regular pressure washing services, you can help protect and prolong your property investments. Our professional technicians have the experience and equipment to complete a variety of residential and commercial pressure-washing projects throughout the region.

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Driveway & Concrete Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning & Brightening

The professional team at Trice Power Washing & Cleaning has the equipment and experience to help you clean up and protect your home safely and effectively. We work with a variety of structural surfaces and understand how to use our equipment to remove years of debris, stains, algae, and mold from your roofing systems and gutters without creating more headaches for you. Our team will use high, low, or no pressure washing techniques as needed to deliver a clean gutter system that functions as it is meant to, keeping water away from your home to help avoid water damage to your property.

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Gutter Cleaning & Brightening

Deck & Fence Restoration

Are your exterior surfaces looking a little dull and dingy? Need to spruce up your outdoor living areas?

Let Trice Power Washing & Cleaning help make your decks, patios, and fences shine with professional pressure washing services. We use quality cleaners to cut grease, grime, algae, molds, and mildews quick and easy and to leave your outdoor areas clean and safe your family or your customers. Our seasoned technicians have experience with cleaning a variety of surfaces and will make sure our process doesn't damage your property during the cleaning process.

Whether you're just looking for seasonal clean up, or you're prepping for repainting, remodeling, or repair projects, Trice Power Washing & Cleaning will help make sure your outdoor spaces are ready for whatever you have planned.

Deck & Fence Restoration

Pool & Pool Deck Cleaning

Trice Power Washing & Cleaning is a mobile pressure washing contractor
specializing in all types of residential property cleaning services. Operating out of Navarre, OH, we have the team, the equipment, and
the experience to help bring your pool and pool decks back to life. If your pool deck is dingy and doesn't look like the sparkling summertime outdoor space you've imagined, call us. We can bring it back to life. 
Pool & Pool Deck Cleaning


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